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New year, new website!

Happy New Year

Welcome to my very first blog post!  I’ve had this website for a few years, but I was using the very basic WYSIWYG site creator provided with my hosting account. Now, several years later, I have finally got a professional webmaster to customise this lovely TemplateLite WordPress theme, so I also have a blog.

The website is still ‘under construction’ as they say, so I hope you’ll be patient with me during the next few weeks, as I get my bearings. I’m still at the teething stage. Hmm. How’s that for mixed metaphors?

I have loads of ideas for this blog, but time will tell which ones will be developed and which will fall by the wayside. As you can gather from my homepage and the ‘about me’ section, I am a professional French to English translator. The primary aim of the website – which has served its purpose up to now, even in its previous basic, ugly form – is to provide a place for people to find me when they need someone to translate a document from French to English. There are dozens of translation-related blogs around, and I don’t feel that I have anything significant to add to the blogosphere in that respect.  However, I’m looking forward to using this space to share my passion for French and English words and expressions.  That’s why I’m calling it ‘French and English’. At the moment, the blog is only available in English, but I’m hoping that my amazing webmaster will come up with a French version of the website very soon.

Watch this space!


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